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Geotechnical Engineering Consulting & Soil Testing Services
Dependable Consultations for Architects, Developers, and Building Owners

    A Geotechnical Consultant - Get full-service geotechnical engineering consulting and soil testing services from us
Get the finest in fast, accurate geotechnical engineering consultations and soil testing services from the professionals at the David V. Lewin Corporation. With more than 50 years of hands-on industry experience and a steadfast commitment to superior customer care, we've helped countless customers across America and around the world, ensure the success and lasting stability of their geotechnical engineering projects.

Scope and Services
At the David V. Lewin Corporation, we specialize in consulting and soil testing services for applied soil mechanics and subsurface structures. From initial investigations to recommendations, design consultations, and reports, our engineers work on projects of all sizes and provide a wide range of flexible services to complement your individual needs.

Capabilities Include:
  • In-Person or Telephone Consulting
  • Nationwide & International Travel
  • Soil Investigations, Testing, & Reports
  • Recommendations for the Design & Construction of Foundations
  • Recommendations on Retaining Structures, Earthwork, & Pavements
  • Construction Phase Observations, Consultations, & Testing
  • Surveys & Reports Pertaining to Subsurface Failures
  • Recommendations for Remedial Measures

Discover the Difference
Contact us today for more information on the many ways our geotechnical engineering consulting and soil-testing services can work for you. Get the friendly, personalized service and intimate industry knowledge your project deserves from experienced professionals that take your satisfaction seriously.

Geotechnical Engineers Consulting on a Project - Get full-service consulting, support, and soil testing from us

Hours of Operation:
8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., EST

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