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The office of David V. Lewin Corporation was opened for engineering counseling in 1954. One year later, a laboratory for testing and study of soils was added. In 1966, the Geotechnical Sciences Corporation was established to provide the equipment and personnel for the technical support of the engineering activities. In 1971 the activities of David V. Lewin Engineering Counselor and Geotechnical Sciences Corp. were united into a professional corporation.

A Geotechnical Engineering Specialist - Get trusted consulting and soil testing services for all your geotechnical engineering projects from us

In more than 49 years of practice, the David V. Lewin Corporation has participated in more than 6500 geotechnical engineering projects as consultants to owners, architects, engineers, and contractors.  Originally concentrated in northern Ohio, the practice and experience has grown to include projects throughout the United States and in more than ten countries overseas.  The office and laboratories are located in downtown Cleveland.

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